Frequently Asked Questions – NEXT Conference 2024


  • When and where will the conference take place?

    In 2024, NEXT Conference will take place on Thursday, September 19 in Hamburg, Germany.

  • Who can attend the event?

    The NEXT Conference in September 2024 and the associated side events are by invitation only. As only a limited number of tickets are available, we appreciate your pre-registration. Of course, registration is non-binding and does not trigger any costs.

    The registration process is as follows

    1. Fill out the registration questionnaire
    2. Confirm email address
    3. NEXT Team reviews the registration
    4. Feedback from the NEXT team

    To get started, we need some information from you. Please answer the questions if you would like to be part of the NEXT experience.

  • How can I become a sponsor and/or exhibit at NEXT Conference?

    We’re glad you asked! For partnership queries please contact [email protected] and we will get back to you.

  • What about the Reeperbahn Festival?

    Reeperbahn Festival 2024 – September 18-21!

    With more than 50,000 visitors each year, 600+ concerts, shows and a conference for creatives and music professionals, the Reeperbahn Festival is one of the most important meeting places for the music industry worldwide. Germany’s largest music platform creates a buzzing framework for the NEXT Conference and offers some great extras.

    Make sure to check out the Reeperbahn Festival website regularly for updates on acts and locations.

    For NEXT24 ticket-holders a conference pass and a festival wristband to attend all public concerts on Thursday (September 19) is included.


  • What is included in the full event price?

    A ticket grants you entry to NEXT Conference on September 19, 2024. And NEXT attendees receive priority access to the Reeperbahn Festival Conference programme (sessions, networking, awards) and each of the around 700 concerts during the weekend. Reeperbahn Festival 2024 is taking place from September 18 – 21.

  • Can I change the invoice details?

    Yes, if you wish to add or change the invoice details (company address, PO number etc.) you can do so by clicking on the “view invoice” link in the order confirmation email. 

  • Do you offer discounts for students, startups, non-profits, etc?

    The only discounts we offer is our group offering. NEXT24 offers various ticket packages for small, medium and large teams with saving of up to 20%! Get in touch and we discuss your individual options for you and your team.

  • Can I reassign a ticket to another person?

    Yes, our terms and conditions grant you the right to transfer your ticket to another individual, whether or not they work in your company. If you provide us with the name of the person you would like to transfer your ticket to, we will arrange the transfer immediately. Each ticket is valid to be used by one person only, for the duration of the conference.

  • Do you offer tickets for online participation?

    No, to us the many real-life interactions among attendees, between attendees and speakers, attendees and sponsors etc. are an essential part of the NEXT experience. If you can’t travel to Hamburg you can tune in via our live stream on YouTube and make sure you don’t miss out on the sessions at Schmidts Tivoli – our main stage. The programme will be running from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

    And main stage talks will be recorded and made available to attendees after the event. In the meantime you can check out all the videos from our previous events here


  • Who is speaking at the conference?

    We will have a mixture of world-renowned and regional speakers at NEXT24. All presentations will be in English. Please check our Speakers page for our growing list of speakers. Together with our international experts we’ll guide discussions on tech trends and shifting customer behaviour and offer a range of experiences that will speak to all senses.

  • Will the programme be in English?

    Yes, all content will be in English.

  • I am interested in speaking

    We have a long-list of potential speakers that serves as a starting point when we curate our event. In addition we will define specific topics that we want to highlight and will actively seek for suitable speakers. Typically most of our programme is curated this way, but we are always curious to learn about new voices, in particular from Europe.
    If you are interested in speaking please reach out and ideally give us a clear impression of who you are and what you would like to talk about. Reference to videos from previous talks help us get a feeling for your presence.
    We do not accept submissions from professional speaker-agents or companies wanting to place speakers! We care about the speaker as an individual who wants to be part of our event and who’s nice to have around for our side activities such as our speakers’ dinner.

    Please note that we cannot promise to give feedback to all submissions, but be assured that we are curious people, so we will certainly review and consider your submission.


  • Will talks be recorded?

    We will record the Schmidts Tivoli main stage programme and make them available to our attendees after the event. The afternoon programme will not be recorded.


  • Are the venues accessible?

    Main stage: Schmidts Tivoli, Spielbudenplatz 27-28, 20359 Hamburg

    For all accessibility information for Schmidts Tivoli, please visit Schmidts Tivoli’s website where you can view all information about the conference venue.

    If you have any accessibility requirements you think we should be aware of, please let us know before the day so that we can ensure we meet your needs and have someone on hand to assist you if required.


  • Is there a coat or bag check at the venue?

    There is a manned coat and bag check at Schmidts Tivoli which you can use as soon as you’re through registration. Just ask one of our team if you can’t find it!

    Please note: Since there is limited space available, we kindly ask you to bring only the necessary.

  • What food and refreshments will be provided at the conference events?

    A light breakfast will be provided. Coffee, water, and snacks will be available all day.

    Additionally, we suggest exploring the diverse food trucks at Spielbudenplatz and nearby restaurants.