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Each year, NEXT introduces a theme intended to provoke and prompt discussion on digital transformation. Our books draw some lines connecting the topics, talks and discussions we have at our events and on the NEXT blog. Find out more about the NEXT book editions below.


The joint forces of digital and analogue allow for a myriad of different worlds for us to live in. In German they are called Parallelwelten (= parallel worlds). This book investigates these parallel worlds from different angles: technological, corporate, scientific, cultural, economic and political.

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Transformational Products

Matthias Schrader deciphers the code behind the Transformational Products, with which Google & Co. successfully reshape entire markets. The book also provides a playbook for the successful development of Transformational Products in the corporate context.

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Digital Fix – Fix Digital

How can we renew the digital world? ‘Digital Fix – Fix Digital’ shares constructive views and possible solutions for the digital world in which we live today, featuring various topics, contributors and editors.

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Product Field

The Product Field Reference Guide provides valuable advice and guidance for ambitious product people. For one, it explains the Product Field, a model, a canvas and a toolbox for product innovation. For another, it provides insight into the very nature of product innovation.

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