Reviewing NEXT11. A Summary.

By Anja Waltemate

01/06/2011 | We’re proud that NEXT11 has been a great success. Lots has been said, commented, written, posted and tweeted. We’ve gathered a few thoughts of everyone on basically everything for you in this post. Visual fans can check out our event pictures and our first videos at

Before NEXT, one had to travel to London, Copenhagen, Geneva or Paris to see them talk and now they are all gladly accepting the invitation to talk in Berlin. If that’s not an accomplishment, I don’t know what is.

Posted by Igor Schwarzmann.

And so NEXT proved to be unexpectedly valuable for new business contacts. It was easy to connect with people, everyone seemed in a relaxed, open and actually happy mood. And isn’t that exactly how a conference should be?

Posted by Anja Marita Rauch.

The organisation of the event was awesome. Berlin is a total different side of Germany: young, open, daring, entrepreneurial - loved it!

Posted by Adelina Peltea.

Together with our curators we invited over 155 speakers from 16 countries to NEXT11. Impressive numbers, people and talks:

Kevin Slavin told us stories and examples of how algorithms affecting not only our lives, but the whole humanity of the world.

Stated by Anton Johansson.

So @tferriss showed up and we had one or two beers. It was very nice and inspiring to see this really successfull guy (New York Times bestseller author) listening and respond to all the questions his fans were asking him.

Stated by Axel Jack Metayer.

Another highlight of both conferences where the Couch DB talks. Both held by Jan Lehnardt, one of the Couch DB core commiters who works for Couchbase. Jan can talk very fast in his talks, especially when he had some coffee. But there is no bull*** and he definitely knows what he is talking about.

Stated by Niclas Meier.

Luca Sartoni of 123People interviewed Andrew Keen on personal data and information industry.

Mighty Eagly Peter Vesterbacka was questioned by Sarah Lacy on TechCrunch.

Check out Adelinas blog for further speaker interviews.

NEXT has always been a platform for start-ups. See what Sarah - together with Paul Carr - has to say about the start-up location Berlin:

We’ve spent much of the last week exploring Berlin, attending the NEXT11 conference and meeting a few local startups. The biggest problem from a video entertainment standpoint? We both agree that Berlin feels like a better startup town than London.

We of course didn’t want to miss asking our speaking crew themselves on what they thought of speaking at NEXT11:

I enjoyed NEXT, especially the portions of the International track that I got to see. I was, however, a bit sorry that there seemed to be somewhat of a gulf between the international participants and the German audience, but that requires time. I agree that Berlin is much better positioned to be a start-up hub in Europe than London is, although some infrastructure is still missing.

Nikolaj Nyholm, Sunstone Capital

Thanks to the team. It was a great conference and the best organised one I have ever been to.

Sean Seton-Rogers, PROFounders Capital

Happy to talk at NEXT12 once I recover a bit! You guys should be very proud of a great event.

Sarah Lacy, TechCrunch

Thanks so much for the invitation - I really enjoyed the conference and the opportunity to talk about bing and Microsoft Research! We would be delighted if there is an opportunity for us again to participate in NEXT12.

Ralf Herbrich, Bing

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