Berlin’s sexy start-up scene – a friendship economy

Caroline Drucker catches everyone’s eye. Red hair, bright lipstick, trendy thick-rimmed glasses. She is a role model for women in the media and technology businesses: a strong personality with brilliant ideas and the will to put them into action.

When you hear Caroline talk about the Berlin Start-up community, you want to move to the German capital immediately and start your own business. “One of the things that makes the Berlin Start-up community really special is the strong support that everyone gives each other” and adds, “It’s that sense of friendship.”

Caroline Drucker moved to Berlin from Toronto ten years ago. She now is Partner Marketing Manager at SoundCloud, the audio platform that enables anyone to upload, record and share their originally-created sounds across the web. In January SoundCloud had more than 10 million registered users, with numbers constantly growing. Start-ups like SoundCloud are the reason why Berlin suddenly sounds so sexy for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

At NEXT Berlin Caroline Drucker will discuss the special friendship economy of Berlin’s Start-up scene, where people know and help each other. She will take part in a panel discussion with further Berlin-based digital heroes, including Edial Dekker (Gidsy) and Felix Petersen (Amen). Alexia Tsotsis (TechCrunch) will moderate the session.

To get to gain further insights into Caroline Drucker’s world and the Berlin scene, watch this video. It was produced by Freunde von Freunden, a stylish international interview magazine based in Berlin that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes, or within their daily working environments.

Freunde von Freunden has already profiled Jeremy Tai Abbett. The multi-disciplinary designer presented ideas on his post-digital lifestyle at his current home in Hamburg. At NEXT Berlin Abbett will host the maker movement, which is represented by high profile creative technologists such as Kate Hartman.