TV to come, TV to go – How Digital Technologies Change The Way We Watch

It seems like centuries ago that the TV set was the centre of attention, in front of which the whole family gathered and watched the news. Certainly, TV is still an important medium, but its role in people’s life has changed. Franziska von Lewinski, CEO of Interone, explained at NEXT Berlin 2012 which changes have taken place and who drives this development.

Interone identified four major trends concerning TV consumption: the simultaneous use of multiple screens; smart TV; TV on demand and social TV. The ubiquitous mobile trend, that we’ve already seen in several other areas, also plays an important role in the TV sector. The interactive consumer wants to decide where, when and with whom he watches what.

This could be one reason why most people think that the drivers of the developments Lewinski presented in her talk are not TV companies, but rather the big internet players like Amazon and Google, or the technology companies such as Samsung and Apple.

According to Lewinski, the winners will be those who tell stories across devices. They will be able to deepen the relationship with their customers and increase their involvement in a way that has never before been possible.