Some NEXT Service Design Follow-up

Some follow-up links to last month's NEXT Service Design conference in Berlin

A couple of quick follow-ups to our Service Design event back in October.

Martin Jordan of Nokia and Manuel GroƟmann of Fjord led the first Workshop of the event back in October. If you’re curious as to what they used to provoke and stimulate the audience – they’ve put up their deck of slides from their presentation on SlideShare. The pair are part of Service Design Berlin, which published a whole load of photos from their workshop to Facebook.

Birds on a Wire, the blog of Informaat – a consultancy – has picked up on many of the key themes from Alexander Baumgardt’s talk at the conference:

Human interactions are in essence conversations, augmented by technology. All these interactions are goal-directed, and take place between organization and market, or between employee and customer. Designers must concentrate on these points of interaction.

You can see the full presentation by Alexander here.