TV just isn’t what it used to be

Tablets and mobile phones are changing the TV experience faster than most people expected. The latest Neilsen Cross Platform Report shows just how often people split their attention between two screens…

The Neilsen Cross Platform Report was released earlier in the week, and it makes for interesting reading. Here’s a few things that stood out for me:

  • 40% of Americans now use a mobile phone or other connected device while watching TV. Broadcast is no longre the focus activity it once was.
  • It’s taken just two years for a fifth of homes in the US to have a tablet. Interestingly, owners tend to be older and affluent. 44% of 55 to 64 year olds use them in conjunction with TV.

You can no longer assume that second screen activity is the preserve of the young – and the tablet seems to be the big driver of that. And you can no longer assume that, if someone’s watching TV, that it’s their major point of focus.

Looks rather like TV’s being reinvented without the TV set itself changing in the slightest, doesn’t it?

[via Stowe Boyd]