Post-digital lifestyle

One of the first speakers announced for NEXT Berlin 2012 is the post-digital creative Jeremy Tai Abbett. Together with Freunde von Freunden magazine, we accompanied him for a day and talked with him about his projects and his thoughts on post-digital. The video gives quick insights into the kind of post-digital lifestyle people may adopt in the future.

Jeremy Tai Abbett has no office. But that alone doesn’t make him a post-digital pioneer. He is an award winning creative, an educator, an interactive designer and co-founder of Truth Dare Double Dare, a multi-disciplinary design firm. He is a light-hearted artist, who loves mixing digital and non-digital devices that have never been combined before. Not only does he create new, innovative things –  he also shows others how to do the same and enrich their everyday lives. His curiosity leads him to try out new things makes him a role model for the post-digital user, and an important figure in the maker movement. At NEXT Berlin, he will be covering what he calls his “Approach to Life”, and will explain how others using this tactic have created things and experiences never witnessed before.

The video gives a short insight into Abbett’s maker mind. It was produced by Freunde von Freunden, a stylish international interview magazine based in Berlin that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes, or within their daily working environments. For Jeremy, that is his Hamburg home – which is close to the university – and other pleasant places to work like Café Johanna near the harbour’s waterfront.

Jeremy just needs three minutes to make you want to break free of the jail that is an office – and to tear down the analog / digital frontiers. At NEXT Berlin, he will show you how!