Your Festive Reading List

Six stories to get you back into the swing of the digital business after Christmas indulgence…

Ah, the gap between Christmas and New Year. For some, a quiet time between celebrations, and an opportunity to catch up on some reading. For others, it’s another few days of work.

It doesn’t matter which of those camps you’re in, because this bunch of links could keep you nicely entertained – or informed – this morning.

On GigaOM, Brad Peters asks “is it time for a chief data officer?”. It’s an interesting argument:

There’s a difference, however, between acquiring data and harnessing it for the business. Rather than establishing systems to turn data into business value, most companies make the mistake of diluting it across departments, none of which are incentivized to handle data

However, it still feels like something that should be part of the remit of a chief digital officer, rather than a task of its own.

The Guardian reports on research that prove what people have been saying: teenagers are abandoning Facebook. Some interesting stuff in there about how people filter what they post, too:

Information that people choose to publish on Facebook has generally been through a psychological filtering process, researchers found – unlike conversations, photos and video shared through more private tools such as Skype, or on mobile apps.

• Even without this data, one poster at FastCoLabs is speculating – based on a range of evidence – that 2014 will be the end of the Facebook era:

The biggest name in social media has gone from scrappy upstart to tech establishment, and at this point, some sort of decline is inevitable. What’s most surprising, though, is how little the company seems to be doing about it.

It seems that, at the very least, Facebook has to make some moves to prove that it understands the inherent instability of social network platforms, and has a plan to counter them…

• In to keep a doom-and-gloom theme, the UK’s national content-blocking firewall is going live – and there are some pretty worrying problems with it:

Included in O2’s “parental control blocklist” are such hotbeds of hardcore porn as Slashdot, EFF, Linux Today, Blogspot, No Starch Press, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and, of course, Boing Boing. The “parental con

Keeping your children safe from Open Source, one website at a time…

France has pushed ahead with legislation to handicap app-based car services and give a boost to traditional taxi services. As a minister said at LeWeb – if you want to build a startup in France, don’t choose to disrupt existing businesses.

•Ugh. We can’t finish on this negativity can we? So, here’s some practical suggestions for making sure the New Year’s resolutions you make over the next couple of days actually make a difference to your life. It’s all about the KPIs…

Image by Michael Kliokta and used under a Creative Commons licence