Great Speakers will join NEXT14!

Bitcoin head Jon Matonis, bestselling author Cory Doctorow and Internet icon Brad Templeton will show game changing trends at the agenda-setting conference.

We are looking forward to welcoming international pioneers and entrepreneurs at the NEXT Berlin 2014 conference, kicking off the Berlin Web Week on May 5-6, 2014!

Among the first speakers for NEXT14, we can proudly announce today, are Bitcoin’s Executive Director Jon Matonis and bestselling sci-fi author Cory Doctorow. They will be joined by Internet icon Brad Templeton of the Singularity University.

“We are delighted to welcome global thought leaders to NEXT14, whose ideas and inventions will revolutionise entire sectors of our economy,” says NEXT founder Matthias Schrader (CEO SinnerSchrader) looking at the impressive list of NEXT14 speakers.

Topics to be covered at NEXT14 will include the evolution of the car and the revolution of our payment systems, wearable and invisible interfaces, the new Internet of Things, the handling of Big Data and the transformation of C-levels in most companies. In all business relevant areas, digitisation will lead to unforeseen changes, but what comes after will soon be part of our new normal. NEXT Berlin offers valuable information and contacts to the people who already grasp what tomorrow may hold.

Bitcoin is a fine example of ’new today, normal tomorrow’. At NEXT14, Bitcoin’s Executive Director and e-money expert Jon Matonis will highlight the huge impact new payment systems will have on consumption behaviour. Brad Templeton of the Singularity University will provide a glimpse into the future of mobility. A true Internet pioneer from the start, he was one of the first in the Dotcom-industry and was recently involved in the development of Google’s Self-Driving Car.

At NEXT14, we will also cast a light on future developments with the help of strategy consultant Peter Hinssen (author of the book ‘The New Normal’) and best selling sci-fi author Cory Doctorow, who is an activist in favour of liberalising copyright laws and post-scarcity economics.

In addition, designer Jessi Baker of The Provenance Project and Fairphone inventor Bas van Abel will show what opportunities lie in the transparency of production chains for sustainable products, and what empowered consumers may soon expect from every brand.

A diverse workshop programme will offer further chances for professional exchange. At the same time, the NEXT14 Party and other great events during the Berlin Web Week promise lots of fun and valuable business contacts.

Stay in the loop for many more speakers to come. Our ticket sales will start shortly, until then, NEXT Berlin offers a special two-for-one ticket voucher. So reserve your seats and see you at NEXT14!