Five more tales from the #newnormal – 2nd March

From the fall of Mt.Gox through iOS in your car, to a washing machine you can control from your phone… This is the #newnormal

Five more tales from the New Normal that surrounds us…*

A washing machine in your phone is better than the other way around

A cloud-driven washing machine. I can’t decide if this is a gimmick or a preview of the future. It just possibly could be both…

What if your phone takes over your car?

iOS in the car gets closer. I think this is much more interesting than a notional Apple TV set – which is looking less likely now the black puck Apple TV is selling so well.

The WhatsApp diaspora

The big winner of Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp might be a messaging app you’ve never heard of: Telegram.

Twitter ain’t the gospel

Material on social media is often not what it seems – we’ve covered this before. Storyful shows us all how critical thinking should be done.

The fall of Mt.Gox

Is the collapse of Mt.Gox really as bad news for Bitcoin as it seems? The CEO of Coinbase thinks it’s all part of the evolutionary process that only makes it stronger…