All you need is love: a design perspective on connected cars

Today the automotive business is arguably facing the biggest disruption since the invention of lean manufacturing. Connectivity is fundamentally transforming the whole industry. Currently, there is a major disconnect between the multi-year development cycles of automakers and consumer expectations for smart devices. Automakers have challenges to keep pace with the fast-moving software updates brought about by tech companies and the result is a user experience that is vastly outdated for drivers that use a number of smart devices day-to-day. However, while connecting the driver to the cloud is one of the most complex yet thrilling tasks, it won’t be just about recreating or bringing today’s smartphone experience into the car. It will be about fundamentally rethinking what’s possible in the automotive environment. In his talk Peter will discuss how people’s expectations for car connectivity can be satisfied in new and smart ways and how location, combined with connectivity and powerful sensor data and fueled by love and design, has the potential to completely transform what is possible in the car.