Endless streams of information leads to digital hoarding

Does too much information lead to us choosing the easy option?

Rather ironically, given my last post, I found this lurking in my browser tabs, where it had been for over three months. It was a developer worrying about the beginning of digital hoarding:

>I’m not obsessive but I keep things I want to consume or work on around for way too long. If I remove one item, two items get added. The pile is constantly growing. And it drowns my energy.

>I have the habit of reading the easy things first and postpone the harder things. It feels easier to focus on the quick wins and reduce the influx by checking them off. Rather read news than work on project. Maybe I’m kind of a news junkie.

That’s one of the problems of the digital era: we have information coming at us in endless streams. All too often, it’s easier to snack on lightweight information, and put off the harder tasks, filing them in endless piles of tabs until some ever-distant future point.