Meet the NEXT18 Designers: Bräutigam & Rotermund

By Martin Ivanovs

Bräutigam & Rotermund is a Hamburg based studio for brand development and design. They are helping brands to be more recognisable with clear strategies, independent brand stories and stringent, exceptional design. For the last two years, "B and R" (as we call them) have taken a leading role in developing the design language of NEXT.

We talked to Yannick, Tim and Stefan about some core questions of their work.


What is „good" design for you?

Good design is focused and it makes things look effortless and logical. Good communication design puts the message first and communicates it in a memorable way.

How would you characterise your design approach?

Idea first. We always want to tell a story, make the message or brand memorable. Sometimes that idea is a bold colour, sometimes it is way to address the consumer and sometimes it’s a clever logo. And after the idea comes the craft, the little details that make the difference - they’re the fun part for us designers.

What needs to be considered when designing for an event?

A lot actually, and that’s the big challenge: you need a system that works on many different platforms, from an animated advert to a litte printed leaflet to stage design. It has to look consistent but also not to repetitive or boring.

What makes the NEXT Conference unique?

The location. The mix of people. The hosts. The speakers. The talks. And of course the design ;)

How would you „Fix Digital“?

Make it more human again. We have to bring the values we have in ‘real life’ into our digital world, otherwise we will lose those values in real life at some point. How to do that? You tell us, since you are the experts.


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