Meet the NEXT18 Designers: Vincent Schwenk

By Vincent Schwenk

"Hi, I am Vincent Schwenk. Nice to meet you. I am currently living and working in Hamburg. Before I moved there, I studied communication design in Augsburg, which gave me a decent background in all types of media. So if you ever need someone to write a letter with a feather – I’m your guy! I love creating stuff, that’s why I am not only working for agencies and big clients but also for fun projects. Currently most of my works are 3D but sometimes I still like to take pictures!"


What is ‘good’ design for me?

"On the one hand, good design comes from creating a visually pleasing image and on the other hand it should tell a story."

How would I characterise my design approach?

"It is not a fixed process. Sometimes I start with a sketch, sometimes I directly start in C4D and sometimes an idea pops into my head when I am cycling around. Also I try to stay flexible, that means if I have an idea which doesn’t fit I try not to hold onto it for too long."

What needs to be considered when designing for an event?

"It needs to have a strong visual style so it is distinguishable from everything else. Also, for me, it is more important to be arty than promotional."

What makes the NEXT Conference unique?

"I haven’t been there yet, but from what I understand it sounds very promising. People from different fields discussing the future of digital life."

How would I "Fix Digital"?

"We have to find ways to keep our information ours and not allow companies to sell them to the highes bidder."


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