Chris Böhnke: FJORD Trends Report 2022

Why should marketers care about the Fjord Trends?

In the first episode of our new NEXT Show Season, trend expert Chris Böhnke talks about new forms of creative work and surprising collaborations. And of course, Metaverse can’t be missing in the trends forecast for 2022. In conversation with our NEXT Programme Director Monique van Dusseldorp: Chris shares his views on the recently released Fjord Trends report, which sees the need for vast changes in our relationships with people, business and the planet. Importantly, the report spells out these shifts in different areas:

– Work and the workplace
– Supply chains, sustainability and the return of scarcity
– The metaverse as the next frontier
– Trust, truth, and values
– Care beyond the health industry

About Chris Böhnke:
Christopher Böhnke is Managing & Group Director of the Vienna office and Fjord Studios in Germany. Chris part is to make sure that the innovation and strategy delivered through service design is inspired by the business purpose and organizational set-up of his clients. He has been working 7 years in cross-industry projects as a strategy consultant for digital transformation & innovation within Accenture Interactive.
He has studied International Communication Management in his home country of Germany, as well as in Mexico and began his career in strategic consulting after pursuing a Master of Science in Strategic Marketing & Consulting in the UK.

We have also summarised this episode on our blog.

Christopher Böhnke: weaving Fjord Trends 2022

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