Christopher Mims: The future of global supply chains

When ordering a product online for home delivery, customers often just think about what happens during the “last mile”. But what about all the other behind-the-scenes innovations that make the whole process possible?

In our latest NEXT-SHOW episode, Christopher Mims, supply chain expert and celebrated technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal, shares his thoughts on our global supply chains. He explains how they function and might evolve, and how they are changing in a post-pandemic world.

Tune in and learn more about the workings of this technology driven sector and why building sustainable, more flexible supply chains is now more important than ever.

About Christopher Mims:
Christopher Mims is a columnist writing for The Wall Street Journal’s tech bureau in San Francisco. With a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and behavioral biology he’s written about a vast array of subjects including brain implants, the history of technology, innovation, venture capital, robotics, batteries, energy, wireless communications, AI, microchips, logistics, IT, 3D printing, autonomous boats and flying taxis. Also an expert on global supply chains, Christopher recently published a book called “Arriving Today” where he investigates how global supply chains work.

We have also summarised this episode on our blog.

Christopher Mims: building supply chains for a sustainable future

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