The Song of our Mitochondria

Our planetary house is on fire, and so are we. Not just metaphorically. Literally.
Levels of cellular inflammation in our body, a natural immune response to all the stressors in our frenzied lives, are at an all-time high, fuelling astronomical rates of physical and mental disease globally – including depression, burnout, anxiety, heart disease, and cancer.

But research shows that this affects our decision-making, trapping us in old, destructive behavioural patterns. It impairs our ability as individuals, consumers, business leaders, and politicians, to move at the speed and scale required to reach our sustainability targets.

In this talk, Parneet takes us on a scientific and poetic voyage, through the lens of mitochondria, the seat of our cellular energy, power, and regeneration. We’ll make the empirical connection between personal and planetary health, inner and outer sustainability.

We have also summarised this episode on our blog.

Parneet Pal: The Song of our Mitochondria

NEXT23 hosted by Accenture Song & Faktor 3