The Taste of Music: Listen to LJ Rich Talk about Synesthesia

The NEXT23 host, LJ Rich, is probably best known for presenting the BBC’s technology show Click, interviewing everyone from the founder of Twitter (remember him?) to the CEO of Google. But did you know she also holds a master’s degree in music? Her concert pianist training mixed with how she breaks down music into its constituent parts makes for some entertaining performances – as seen at SXSW and Tokyo’s Hikarie Hall.

In 2018 she was selected to be part of NASA’s Datanauts programme and now leads a project on creative approaches to data sonification. Synesthesia has always inspired LJ’s compositions and compelled her to invent and build interactive music experiences and performances, as she will share with the NEXT audience.

We have also summarised this episode on our blog.

LJ Rich: The Taste of Music, Synesthesia and the future of AI creativity

NEXT23 hosted by Accenture Song & Faktor 3