NEXT-SHOW | Exploring AI personalities and poetic clocks

Meet Matt Webb, a visionary in the world of technology and AI, and Petr Parkan Janda, leader of the Accenture Song Design Studio in Prague. With a remarkable background in new product invention, Matt is at the forefront of innovation. His studio, Acts Not Facts, specializes in early prototyping and strategy, bridging the gap between startups and large enterprises. His work pushes the boundaries of traditional technology and ventures into unexplored territories.

In this NEXT-SHOW episode, Matt and Petr dive into the fascinating world of AI personalities. Discover more about Matt’s passion for creating different AI personalities for different tasks – a concept that can revolutionize collaboration and inspire creativity. By assigning different roles to AI, we open up a whole new dimension of interaction.

But that’s not all. Matt’s recent experiment with an AI clock that generates a poem for every minute has led to startling insights. These AI poems are often brimming with positivity, much like LinkedIn influencers. Matt raises the important question of how AI-generated content can influence our emotions and behavior. The AI clock, by the way, will soon be available via Kickstarter.

On his blog (, he explores the idea of making technology more interactive by performing experiments with custom cursors on websites and the potential of spatial computing to create immersive and collaborative digital experiences.

Join us to discuss Matt’s innovative and playful approach to working with AI and explore the evolving relationship between humans and AI in various contexts with us.

We have also summarised this episode on our blog.

The AI/Human Interface: experiments in action