NEXT-SHOW | Exploring the Intersection of Trends, Emerging Technologies, and Social Change

Join us for an insightful conversation between David Mattin, Founder of New World Same Humans, and Isabelle Schnellbügel, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at Accenture Song, as they delve into the profound impacts of societal and business transformations. In this engaging dialogue, they also unveil the highly-anticipated 2023 Accenture life trends and offer intriguing insights into three of these trends: life stages disruption, sea of sameness, and customer experience.

This riveting discussion revolves around David’s unique approach to trend analysis, highlighting the crucial connection between emerging technologies and our fundamental human needs. The conversation showcases virtual companions as a prime example of how technology is revolutionizing the way we fulfill these needs.

Moreover, the conversation underscores the significance of forward-thinking in a world dominated by short-term perspectives. The spotlight then shifts to David’s captivating keynote presentation on the “unified digital-physical field,” exploring the convergence of the digital and physical realms. This presentation delves into the role of networked objects, simulations, and mixed reality, offering a thought-provoking glimpse into the future.

Don’t miss this captivating journey through the world of trends, emerging technologies, and the profound societal changes they bring. Tune in and join us for an enriching exploration of the future.

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David Mattin: the trends that will define our future