NEXT-SHOW | Exploring the Mysteries of Consciousness with Anil Seth

Dive into the fascinating world of consciousness: Join Anil Seth (Cognitive Neuroscientist at the University of Sussex) and Thomas Müller (Global Design Lead Strategy & Consulting at Accenture Song) as they discuss the brain as a prediction machine, shaping our conscious experiences and challenging our understanding of the world.

Discover Anil’s groundbreaking work and insights as he discusses his latest book, “Being You: A New Science of Consciousness.” Uncover the profound relationship between consciousness and the brain’s predictions, finely tuned by sensory data.

Anil and Thomas explore the role of AI and emphasize its lack of true consciousness. Anil warns against anthropomorphizing AI, shedding light on its foundation in predictive algorithms rather than genuine understanding.

Anil Seth is not just a neuroscientist but also an artist! Learn about his captivating dream machine project, an art installation that induces vivid visual hallucinations, providing a unique glimpse into the power of the mind. Join the perception census, an online experiment hosted on, and contribute to one of the largest psychology experiments exploring individual perceptions.

For a deeper dive into the world of consciousness, grab a copy of Anil’s book, “Being You: A New Science of Consciousness.” It’s a must-read for those curious about the profound connection between consciousness and our embodied existence.

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