NEXT-SHOW | A Discussion on Optimisation

Dive into the captivating world of optimisation with Coco Krumme, a distinguished mathematician, author, and the Founder of Leeward Co., joined by Martin Gassner, Managing Director at Accenture Song. In this enlightening episode of the NEXT–SHOW, Coco delves into the profound impact of optimisation on society. As a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and the author behind “Optimal Illusions,” Coco takes us on a historical journey through the conquest of optimisation and efficiency in the Western world. Uncover the profound influence of optimisation in Western culture, notably in Silicon Valley and the tech industry. The conversation unfolds with real-world examples of optimisation, from the construction of the AmazonAirHub revolutionising supply chains to the strategic use of genetically modified crops in agriculture.

Coco also points out that, while there are clear benefits to optimisation, there are often unforeseen costs that need to be considered. She suggests that the solutions to the problems caused by optimisation should not be imposed from above, but that individuals should become more aware of their choices and their impact. She also highlights a growing trend, particularly among younger generations, who are looking for more sensible and less optimised ways of living and working.

Join us on the journey of optimisation and, if you want to read more about the topic, we recommend exploring Coco Krumme’s book, “Optimal Illusions.”

We have also summarised this episode on our blog.

Beyond optimisation: Coco Krumme and the need to plan for consequences