NEXT-SHOW | Explore the Fascinating Intersection of Biology and Business

Elevate Your Wellbeing: Explore the Biology-Business Fusion with Dr Parneet Pal & Petra Seipp! Dive deep into the fusion of science and business with Dr Parneet Pal, a Harvard- and Columbia-trained physician, and Petra Seipp, Managing Director at Accenture Song, in this enlightening episode of the NEXT-SHOW! Parneet Pal, an expert in lifestyle medicine, delves into optimizing health’s impact on business leadership and planetary #wellbeing. Uncover the connection between personal health and the planet. Discover the secrets of maintaining optimal #health by understanding the role of mitochondria. Dr Pal shares practical insights on small, informed choices for happier #mitochondria and improved health. Learn keys to preventing chronic diseases by aligning lifestyle with circadian rhythms. Parneet advocates for attention to sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. Join Petra and Parneet as they explore the effects of modern industrial farming on soil quality and its impact on plant foods and health. Ready for an insightful conversation on the connections between health, wellbeing, and the world? Hit play now!

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Health: from mitochondria to agriculture