Alper Çuğun M.Sc. (1981, Amsterdam) is a designer, developer, theoretist and publicist active on the focal point of technology, design and society.

Graduated from Delft, University of Technology with a Masters in Media and Knowledge Engineering he started TipiT, a crowd-funding startup that contributed to many online initiatives among which Wikileaks. After this he started Monster Swell, the first Dutch agency for data and visualization in which field he is among the leading thinkers and makers in the Netherlands.

Besides managing his own agency he duals as CTO at Hubbub, a leading Dutch game studio. At Hubbub he conceives and creates pervasive games for social and organizational change.

Alper is also on the board of Hack de Overheid (Hack the Government) a foundation that removes institutional friction by means of functional provocations. In that facility he has helped shape open data policy in the Netherlands, organized hackathons and created the Apps for Amsterdam contest