During his career in the automotive industry, Andreas-Christoph Hofmann has held a range of management positions for various premium brands. Hofmann’s career includes roles in marketing, brand communication and retail at a global level.

In September 2017, Hyundai Motor Europe appointed Andreas-Christoph Hofmann to the role of Vice President Marketing & Product.

Mr Hofmann is responsible for the company’s pan-European marketing strategy and direction across all related functions, including advertising, brand strategy, digital, advanced product planning, product management and pricing, PR and brand experience.

Over the past ten years, Hyundai has been one of the fastest progressing brands in Europe with over 100% growth.

A streng basis for this growth in Europe has been our so-called Assurance pillar - particularly the strength of our i-range (from i10 to i40). Since the launch of the first i-model in 2007, over three million cars of this range have been seid in Europe.

The All-New i10 stands for how Hyundai has evolved in Europe.

When we began on the continent, Hyundai was considered a classic value-for-money car brand. Now, our cars have progressed with the needs of our customers: design, technology and fun-to-drive are the main drivers for them.

lt is a key player in Hyundai Europe’s plan and is a truly full-featured and mature entry to the Hyundai family. As the safest and best-connected car in its dass, the All-New i10 stands for our customer-centric approach.