Arek Skuza had 4 years experience in IT industry while he was working for and Facebook in United States of America. Being involved in project as negotiatior and project manager ( and web analytics (during Facebook experience) he developed uniqe skills: management, leadership with strong analytical focus. Afterwards, he came back to Europe when he opened first startup company which was events integrator for web users and mobile users as well. Arek has built team of developers and professionals, launched product and was succesfull with product traction. After 2 years of being CEO he sold his stock and moved to work on another idea – photo recognition technology. (iTraff Technology). Company was founded in 2010 and developed extremely fast photo recognition technology. Arek academic background is business (marketing and management), he received dimploma: University of Economics in Poland, Harvard Business School certifcate issued by ICAN Institute, BRICS business and economy distance learning course issued by Oxford School, UK.