Felix Jahnen is Digital Transformation Meister at Jägermeister.

It all started with design and sale of the first website in 1998, which led Felix Jahnen into nerd training (media computer science and media designer) and into a career at digital agency DAVIES MEYER in Hamburg, Germany – ultimately becoming 2010 Creative Director for Design & Development for various brands, including Pepsi, Henkel/Syoss, Nivea, Carlsberg and Vodafone. In 2014, as Head Of Global Digital, Felix Jahnen started the mission to make Jägermeister the Most Digital Spirits Brand.

Transforming the brand and generate one of the highest engagement rates on Instagram from scratch (Followers 2018: zero), a significant boost of brand equity manifesting Jägermeister's position as "Love Brand" and various awards later you can tell: he and his team made progress, but the mission is never finished.

In his new role "Digital Transformation Meister", he has been driving the digital transformation of Jägermeister globally since April 2020, with the aim to digitize existing business through data (Data Driven MarTech + E-Commerce) and by developing new ones (Digital Services).