Katharina Brunsendorf heads the finanz-heldinnen initiative and is co-editor of the manager magazin bestseller book "finanz-heldinnen - Der Finanzplaner für Frauen". In previous positions, she was in charge of various communication formats for comdirect and was active in marketing for the BEGO group. It was only through her work at the direct bank that she became more involved with her finances and her financial possibilities. She would like to pass on this impulse and her enthusiasm for the topic to other women within the framework of the finanz-heldinnen initiative.

The finanz-heldinnen initiative has set itself the goal of getting women excited about finances and accompanying them on the path to their financial future by means of knowledge formats. After all, finances can be fun and we encounter them in every situation in life. That's why the finanz-heldinnen educate, discuss and inspire new thoughts. Whether on their Instagram account (@finanzheldinnen), in the weekly podcast 'Schwungmasse' or in their book "Der Finanzplaner für Frauen".