Loretta TIOIELA is the co-founder & Managing Partner of Next Sequence, a new venture firm incubated at VC Lab.

She is a technologist with more than 12 years of experience in Cloud and A.I. technologies and worked for major industry players such as Samsung Electronics and Huawei Technologies. She was, until recently, the Chief Product Officer at Scaleway, a European Cloud Service Provider with more than 100K servers in Production, where she launched more than 10 Cloud and A.I. products within one year.

Among many technologies, she has chosen to put her faith in the belief that the future will be shaped by the convergence of life science and computing technologies.Thus, she co-founded OpenSynBio, the 1st Open Computing Foundation for Synthetic Biology.

Her mission is to build the largest Synthetic Biology Open Computing community focused on the development of the open-source computing technologies for Synthetic Biology and bringing together the largest community of researchers, startups or industrials who collaborate, develop and run state of the art computing technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, quantum computing to fast forward the research & development in synthetic biology.