Matthias Sala is an award-winning Swiss entrepreneur, a visionary inventor having worked on activity-based advertising at Xerox PARC, smart vacuum cleaners at the ETH Zurich and self-refilling refrigerators at Siemens Smart Home Lab in Munich. Together with a friend, he won the Sentient Future Award for Bin It!, a futuristic waste disposal system with a gamification component.

Today, Matthias is working on Gbanga, the future of location-based gaming where reality and fiction are blended to mixed-reality. Besides this, Matthias is founding member of Mobile Monday Switzerland and president of the Swiss Game Developer Association ( He is also co-organizer of SuperHappyDevFlats and StartupCamp Switzerland.

Matthias holds a Masters degree in Computer Science with a minor in constructional Architecture from ETH Zurich. He has spoken at, and given presentations for MIT Media Lab, Prevasive 2006, Mobile 2.0 in Barcelona and GameBeat SF among others.