Matthias Sala is an award-winning Swiss entrepreneur, a visionary inventor having worked on activity-based advertising at Xerox PARC, smart vacuum cleaners at the ETH Zurich and self-refilling refrigerators at Siemens Smart Home Lab in Munich. Together with a friend, he won the Sentient Future Award for Bin It!, a futuristic waste disposal system with a gamification component.

Today, Matthias is working on Gbanga, the future of location-based gaming where reality and fiction are blended to mixed-reality. Besides this, Matthias is founding member of Mobile Monday Switzerland and president of the Swiss Game Developer Association ( He is also co-organizer of SuperHappyDevFlats and StartupCamp Switzerland.

Matthias holds a Masters degree in Computer Science with a minor in constructional Architecture from ETH Zurich. He has spoken at, and given presentations for MIT Media Lab, Prevasive 2006, Mobile 2.0 in Barcelona and GameBeat SF among others.

Matthias’s Sessions

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