Hallo, I'm Maxime !
I try to improve people's life thanks to music and tech. Passion, Creativity, Focus & Harmony are my 4 cardinal directions.

A few years ago, I created what is today the biggest facebook page about music in France gathering more than 1.600.000 on http://facebook.com/LaMusique

Using it as lab to keep creating even more engaging experience I've then launched the first music newsletter MailTa.pe. One email and that's it ! Wake up every sunday morning with a delightful and surprising playlist made in collaboration with top-class artists like Nicolas Jaar, Rone, Youth Lagoon and many more.

Recently, I've been hit by an idea solving a major pain I'm studying since I'm a kid : how can we make it easier for each of us to meet great people in our life ?

The answer, as simple as it sounds : music.

I couldn't explain it more beautifully than Rabindranath Tagore's quote : "Music fills the infinite between two souls".

So here it is, TecoutesQuoi is the new product I'm focusing on with Mathias Beugnon.