Natalija is an organizational development coach and OKR expert. She supports companies wanting to increase focus, autonomy, and value creation to identify and prioritize their challenges, set valuable goals and continuously improve.

Natalija has been working within People Development and Transformation since 2010 before starting her own business offering an entire ecosystem of training and coaching focusing on Leadership & Responsibility, Objectives & Key Results and Agile HR & Learning.

In 2020, she published the practical book “OKRs at the center: How to drive change with goals and create the organization you want” together with Sonja Mewes via Sense & Respond Press.

Over the last years, she has guided many companies of various sizes and industries in the process of implementing and continuously improving OKRs as part of their organizational system, trained OKR Coaches and Process Owners to support the process internally. As an active member of the international OKR community with a mission to educate people on how to make the most out of OKRs for their specific context, she runs a monthly meetup and Open Spaces for OKR practitioners and regularly speaks on related topics at international conferences.