Niklas looks after the Accenture Song Design Studio in Hamburg, where creatives from different design disciplines and engineering come together to help organisations figure out the best version of themselves. A version that works both for the people within, their customers but also the planet and ecosystems we live in. Which usually is a tricky balance.

He’s currently responsible for a multidisciplinary team of around 30 heads and hearts working across industries with some of the biggest clients in Germany and beyond.

During the first half if his (grown up) career at Fjord in London (now Accenture Song Design), he’s spent a big chunk of his time building and eventually leading teams that put design and innovation at the heart the companies we worked with.

In both of his degrees - Business Administration (University of Hamburg) and Business Psychology (University of Westminster) – he focused on what makes people tick in business and how that might help or block change and innovation.

Off the consulting clock he writes different things, but mostly music. Although the time for that has rapidly declined since two tiny boys are chasing him around the house.