Pep Rosenfeld is Boom Chicago's creative multi-tasker: Stand-up comedian, host & facilitator, writer, trainer, public speaker, and developer of new corporate programs.

Pep hosts events like TEDx Amsterdam, The Next Web Conference, and the Accenture Innovation Awards. His preparation & polish, positive take and an uncanny ability to turn new information into comedy earn him rave reviews. At TEDx Binnenhof, Pep poked fun at Willem-Alexander and Maxima as they watched from meters away. Instead of being deported, Pep and Maxima joked afterwards about their respective levels of Dutch fluency. He also hosts corporate events for companies like Ahold, KPMG, Oracle and Heineken. His knack for making a potentially dull event feel fun and energetic helps make sure every event's message lands with the audience.

His passion is making people laugh in just about any situation. In his TED talk, Fight, Flight or Make Your Opponent Laugh, he spoke about using humour to win over hostile audiences and how comedy helps deal with trauma and stress, whether it be caused by 9/11 or the premature birth of his sons (they're fine now!). Today he uses comedy and improvisation to help brands get through the trauma and stress of crafting and communicating their internal and external messages and making them stick.

He loves comedy about current events and politics, and he has co-written and co-starred in Boom's political shows including Bye-Bye Bush, 9/11 Forever, There's No Such Thing as Sinterklaas and the current hit, Angry White Men: Trump Up the Volume. His writing on America's long-running television show, Saturday Night Live, was nominated for an Emmy.