Since 2009, as co-founder of Beijing based FakeMusicMedia, a 360 degree music, events, creative agency + label with a passion for technology, Philipp has produced over 400 events/tours with 200+ artists and 40+ brands/institutions in 15 countries on 4 continents, released 5 albums, manages NOVA HEART & SHAO and co-founded ELECTRIC CITY电市 & M.A.D (Music and Design) event series + EUPHORIA, an electronic fest in 3 cities on behalf of the EU.
In 2016 he co-founded NEU, a platform for bringing together bright minds in the tech and creative industries from both sides of the Great Firewall.
Philipp also has worked as a journalist for major german media, is a frequent speaker at international conferences and started the chinese chapter of the International Music Manager Forum (IMMF). He holds a MA in Latin American Studies (San Diego, Cologne). He spins music under his DJ name Metro Tokyo under which he compiled a special China edition of !K7´s DJ Kicks.