Philipp is the founder of OMR—a 360° media firm based in Hamburg, Germany with a focus on digital marketing and tech. The annual OMR Festival is one of the largest digital conferences in Europe. OMR brings together over 50,000 attendees and senior leaders from major European organizations and big-name international players.

In addition to the festival, OMR publishes daily articles on digital and tech topics found nowhere else. Furthermore, Philipp and the OMR Team produce the OMR Podcast, which reaches a weekly audience of 30,000, the in-depth OMR Reports, the largest jobs portal in the industry, as well as many other special events.

Prior to founding OMR, Philipp founded two ad tech companies that he grew and sold to Bertelsmann and Zalando respectively. He makes occasional appearances on the national and international industry speaking circuit as a media and marketing expert.