Tomas is a Creative Director and Consultant with twelve years of experience in ideating, creating and delivering bold forward-thinking visuals and engaging content for clients across design, fashion, technology and education. Embedded in a collaborative network of artists, they aid brands and institutions in the creation of high-impact visuals and experiences. Building multilayered worlds, they encourage their client to tell stories that inspire, celebrate diversity and engage in imagining and assembling progressive futures.

CROSSLUCID is an artist collective, co-founded by Sylwana Zybura and Tomas C. Toth in 2018. They live in Berlin and engage in highly collaborative cross-disciplinary projects. Their work and research converges around the exploration of the self as a network; intimacy and the potential for pleasurable actualisation through the digital sphere and the re-imagination of our alliances with technology seen as part of a sympoietic biosphere and universal post-material consciousness.

Through filmmaking, poetic AI, multi-layered techniques of collage & assemblage and experience-led interventions they create scenarios and build experiential formats that instigate prototyping and rehearsing potential futures and progressing metamodern values.

Their work has been commissioned and exhibited by Nike China, Selfridges, Snapchat, Universal, Adobe, Canon, Stella Artois, Modern Media China, Vellum LA, SXSW, Polimoda, Martin Margiela, NOWNESS, Google Arts&Culture, iMAL, Aiiiii Center Shanghai, ArtNight London, LUX Moving Image and Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp amongst others.