• Francesca Romano

    CEO & UX Architect, Atooma

  • Tariq Krim

    CEO, Jolicloud

  • Redesigning Mobility

    • Heiko Barnerßoi, Country Manager Germany

    Drivy is the leading private car sharing company in Europe. With more than 800.000 users in France, Germany and Spain, they’ve set their goal: To deliver the best service in the car rental sector possible. The speech will cover topics like the change of needs in mobility and…

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  • Claude Nahon

    President, Mood Media International

    Claude Nahon – How Will We Shop Tomorrow?

  • Good news: free European data roaming is coming


    The European Parliament has agreed to kill roaming charges in Europe by 2017 - and that matters for digital businesses across the continent.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • The challenge of airport passenger experience


    The greatest barrier to rethinking airline experience - and bringing digital tools to bear - is the sheer number of people involved.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • The de-gamification of Foursquare


    Foursquare has changed. Its defining feature of Checkins now live in another app, with neutered mayorships. But its vast database is now front-and-centre. Thanks, gamification, but good night.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Cutting the umbilical cord


    My big thank you post at the end of a crazy week.

    By Martin Recke

  • Aza Raskin: behaviour change is the new blockbuster drug


    We kill ourselves more than external factors do. How to we fix that? By understanding what people are doing, and intervening in helpful ways.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Brad Templeton: Changing the world with robocars


    There are autonomous cars on the streets of some cities already. As they become a reality, how does this change the way we live? The NEXT14 opening day keynote.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Embrace Unfairness: it’s the very heart of disruption


    Attempts to hold back the rise of app-based taxi booking are the equivalent of the government going "it's not fair". Well, life isn't fair - and because that allows disruption, we should be grateful.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Juan Diego Farah

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Your Festive Reading List


    Six stories to get you back into the swing of the digital business after Christmas indulgence…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • 5 things I learnt from LeWeb day 3


    Some detailed notes from a thought-provoking (and rather contentious) final day of LeWeb last week.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Revenge, selfies and neoreactionaries: what the internet is doing to our society


    The internet is profoundly shifting our sense of self - for good and ill. Can we promote the good and resist the bad?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Thomas Nicholls

    Head of Marketing and Communication, Sigfox

  • BlaBlaCar: Designing for trust between strangers


    People associate hitchhiking with axe murders. So how do you design a service to promote trust between strangers?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Nokia take a ride in connected cars


    Nokia has set its targets on the car dashboard with Here Auto - is this a side project, or a potential escape route from the mobile phone market?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Behind the scenes: How NEXT Berlin 2012 came to be


    It’s always exciting when something that has been planned for quite a long time finally materialises itself in the physical world. Over the course of three days, we turned Station-Berlin from almost empty into a complete event setup. Have a look at the video to see what happened during these days in early May.

  • Jerome Traisnel

    CEO, SlimPay

  • NEXT13 says THANK YOU!


    This goes out to all our great speakers, participants, partners and volunteers: THANK YOU! We were overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and the great feedback we received! Want to relive some of the best NEXT13 moments? Read more to find videos, pictures and posts.

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • Peer Steinbrück: Germany will lead the fourth industrial revolution


    Germany has kept its industrial bases, and so is perfectly placed to modernise it using digital technology, argues prospective Chancellor Peer Steinbrúck.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Max Niederhofer

    Partner, Sunstone Capital

  • Meryl Job

    Founder, co-CEO, Videdressing