• NEXT14 Start-up Pitch Winner releases App


    Four months ago, the NEXT14 audience voted Cinepass as winners of the NEXT14 Start-up Pitch. And now, they've reached another milestone: they've recently released their App for iOS.

    By Nico Mohrmann

  • Start-up Pitch Award Ceremony


    Pitching Start-ups: Argus Labs, OneLife, Cinepass, and 2go Tablets followed by Talk of Isidro Laso (European Commission).

  • NEXT14 pitch winner to launch platform for cinemas


    By the end of May, the new cinema platform Cinepass will enter the market by offering moviegoers a service for all film theatres in one city. The inventors of Cinepass won the NEXT14 Start-up Pitch Award this week, despite strong competition from all over Europe.

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • These Start-ups will pitch at NEXT14


    Start-ups from all over Europe applied for a presentation slot at NEXT14. 28 of them made it into the next round. Here they are!

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • Start-up Pitch: Voting starts – Application until April 6


    Support your favourite start-up or apply yourself to join the NEXT14 Start-up Pitch. You could win attractive prizes and gain international attention.

    By Nico Mohrmann

  • NEXT14 Start-up Pitch kicks off


    The NEXT14 start-up pitch kicks off today. We offer your business the opportunity to be live on the big stage in May. Enter jour application today to get international attention and to win a cool prize.

    By Nico Mohrmann

  • LineMetrics – The Start-up Pitch winner!


    LineMetrics is the winner of this years NEXT13 start-up competition! The Austrian team impressed the jury with their idea that enables industrial companies to monitor individual machines or entire production lines, in real time. This leads to an increase in production efficiency and a reduction in machine failures.

  • What’s next for start-up pitch winner LineMetrics?


    What have the weeks since their win at NEXT Berlin brought for LineMetrics? We chatted to co-founder Wolfgang Hafenscher to find out…

    By Adam Tinworth

  • LineMetrics wins the NEXT13 Start-up Pitch


    LineMetrics is the winner of this years NEXT13 start-up competition, organised by hub:raum at NEXT Berlin. The Austrian team impressed the jury of experts with their combination of hard- and software that enables industrial companies to monitor individual machines or entire production lines, in real time.

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • NEXT13 Start-up Pitch: These are the 12 finalists


    NEXT Berlin is once again an important platform for entrepreneurs from all over Europe. During the two-day conference on April 23 and 24, Deutsche Telekom’s incubator hub:raum will present a special Start-up Stage for founders, their topics and pitches. Today the organisers have published the list of finalists whose ideas convinced the community and an expert jury in two previous rounds.

    By Julian Hinz

  • Start-up Pitch Shortlist


    The community decided who made it onto the shortlist of our NEXT Berlin start-up pitch! Together with Telekom's incubator hub:raum NEXT Berlin is searching for the most promising European seed start-ups founded within the last year! Take a look at the community's top 30!

    By Xenia Stubbe

  • Enter the NEXT Start-up Pitch! It’s not too late!


    Did you miss your chance to apply for our NEXT Start-up Pitch? Well, than all the international attention will go to some other entrepreneur. But lucky you: We extended the deadline for the pitch until March 17, midnight. So don't waste your time and apply now!

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • Start-up Pitch: Application starts now!


    Telekom’s incubator hub:raum and NEXT Berlin are looking for the best Start-ups in Europe! From now on Start-ups have the opportunity to apply for a slot in the NEXT13 Start-up Pitch live at the conference. Become a part of it and receive a lot of international attention for your innovative business idea!

    By Xenia Stubbe

  • Start-up Pitch 2013. Application about to open.


    After the great success of last years' NEXT Start-up Pitches, we're again looking for the hottest start-up of 2013. The application phase will start next week. Stay tuned!

    By Julian Hinz

  • Start-up Pitch Award Ceremony at NEXT Berlin 2012


    Over 100 start-ups applied for the Deutsche Telekom Start-up Pitch at NEXT Berlin 2012. Twelve of these had the chance to pitch live at the conference, but just one could win. A top-class jury decided on the winner: Squadmail!

  • wahwahFM – Winner Of NEXT Startup Pitch 2011


    On the NEXT12 startup stage Philipp Eibach talked about his experiences from last year’s pitch and explained what happened afterwards...

  • Startup Pitch Winners: Squadmail


    It’s like Dropbox for your e-mail – and it’s the winner of this year’s startup pitch competition: Squadmail The team beat over 100 applicants to get into the final 12 who pitched today, and then out pitched their rivals. Check out their product.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Jury Named 12 Finalists for NEXT Start-up Pitch


    The NEXT Community and the NEXT Start-up Pitch Jury has decided on the twelve lucky finalists who will have the opportunity to present their ideas on stage on May 8th in Berlin.

    By Jens Rebke

  • Best Start-ups to be Nominated for NEXT Start-up Pitch


    The applications are done. The voting is done. Now it’s time to get excited! The final choice rests with the jury.

    By Jens Rebke

  • Vote for your favourite start-up until April 17 to pitch at NEXT12!


    A bunch of start-ups has applied to be part of the big show at our NEXT Start-up Pitch in Berlin. We’ve already received more than 30 applications. Now it’s time for you to vote for the best start-ups that you think should have the chance to pitch their ideas to the NEXT Start-up Jury.

    By Jens Rebke

  • How to pitch your story – some advice from the experts


    ”The Art of making an issue important” was the punch line of the workshop at SIME with Jennifer Schenker and Pontus Schultz, and they took us with them on a journey into their world. Main points covered: Do you really need a journalist in order to…

    By Anja Rauch

  • Jury Named 12 Finalists for NEXT Elevator Pitch


    It’s done! The final 12 start-ups are up. The jury of the start-up competition has identified the finalists for the NEXT Elevator Pitch. And here they are: egoArchive Gerald Bäck’s start-up becomes a personal memory for users. egoArchive saves every website that a user…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • 12 Best Start-ups to be Nominated for NEXT Elevator Pitch


    Applying is done, voting is done, now it’s time to get excited! Out of the 30 start-ups most voted-for by the NEXT Community, the jury will now select the lucky 12 finalists to present on the NEXT stage on May 17. The finalists will be officially announced in…

    By Anja Waltemate

  • Vote Now for the Best Start-ups to Pitch on the NEXT Stage!


    They are young, fresh & exciting! A bunch of start-ups has been applying for the big show at our NEXT Elevator in Berlin. We’ve already received more than 40 proposals. Now it’s time for you to vote for the best Start-ups that should be put in front of…

    By Martin Recke