The Distributed Artist

Since 2009 Fabric Lenny and Benjamin Rabe have been focussing on mobile arts, because that’s when the app ‘Brushes’ was launched for the iPhone. Ever since, they worked on various art projects together with artists from all around the world – a truly ‘distributed artist’. Many of these artists, who have been working together in one collective, had not met each other face to face for over a year.

At NEXT Berlin 2012 Rabe and Lenny talked about the evolution of their mobile arts. And combined their slide-free presentation with a live demo: The audience had the opportunity to participate in the process of developing a distributed, mobile painting.

In general, collaboration is great for every creative process, because it continuously provides input and feedback. Beyond that, using mobile devices to create something has the advantage of not being bound to a certain place. You can paint on the go – in the subway or while waiting in line in the supermarket. And more importantly: You can instantly put your ideas into action whenever you’re inspired by the muse.