How to be creative with Nick Law

In our conversation, Nick elaborated on why his title includes “Creative Tech” and told us that he firmly believes #technology, especially when things are evolving so quickly, needs to be complemented with imagination.

He also believes that clients are asking the same questions as agencies:

What is #creativity?
What is it that will reach people?
How do we reach people in a way that moves us forward?

In this episode of NEXT-SHOW, we learn more about Nick’s journey, starting as a designer in London, moving into advertising (much to the amazement of his designer friends and colleagues) before making his way into his current position as Global Lead for Design & Creative Tech. We also talked about imagination and what clients currently look for when they get in touch with Accenture Song.

About Nick Law:
Nick Law joins Accenture Song from Apple as our Global Lead for Design & Creative Tech. Nick is one of the most creative, progressive and versatile leaders, who cares passionately about utilizing design as a craft and a force for positive change. He leads with a focus on service and experience design, setting the direction and protecting the culture of the practice, with the ultimate aim of driving further growth and relevance for our clients.

We have also summarised this episode on our blog.

Nick Law: embracing a new age of digital creativity


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