NEXT Conference to collaborate with House of Beautiful Business

We have been fans of the House of Beautiful Business from Day 1. In 2023, the NEXT Conf will work together with the House Team for the first time.

Since I have been attending, and then managing, NEXT – and it has been a few years now – there have been and still are many speakers who have impressed me to the highest degree. They have all shaped our future programme in a special way. David Mattin, Eliza Filby, and James Bridle, to name just a few, are certainly among that group.

And this also applies to Tim Leberecht, who presented his then-new book The Business Romantic in 2015 in an impressive keynote on the NEXT mainstage. Over a currywurst afterwards, we discussed the future of the economy and how a different, more sustainable and humane way of doing business must be made possible – by all of us. Since then, a lot has happened in both of our lives – privately and professionally – and in the world that surrounds us.

Entering the House of Beautiful Business

Among other things, Tim founded a global think tank together with Till Grusche, which has since grown into a strong community that is passionately dedicated to the question of how we can make business more beautiful. That’s a question that has also been on our minds at NEXT for years now. After all, we are concerned with the question of how technological innovations affect the way we work and live, and what that means for us, the responsible people in companies, if we want to shape a world worth living in.

We are therefore all the more happier that we are cooperating with the House of Beautiful Business, that think tank he founded, for the first time this year. The House will be organising some parts of our afternoon conference deep dive programme and Tim Leberecht, along with other members of the House community, will also be speakers or contributors. And they’ll all be speaking under the banner of this year’s theme: “Let’s get physical”.

Although the community is global, it has a strong branch in Northern Germany. So, we hope to welcome some familiar faces to our Hamburg event on September 21, 2023 along with inspiring speakers like Anil Seth, Matt Webb, Parneet Pal, Reeps100 and many more international experts. More about NEXT23.

House discount

As an extra treat, members of the House will receive a 10% discount on our tickets with the code “NEXT x House” (just use the code when applying for a ticket).