Parallelwelten: The Book

The joint forces of digital and analogue allow for a myriad of different worlds for us to live in. In German they are called Parallelwelten (= parallel worlds). This book (available from December) investigates these parallel worlds from different angles: technological, corporate, scientific, cultural, economic and political. Learn more below.

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What if, somewhere in the universe, there existed a world identical to the one we know? What if there was not only one, but many Parallelwelten, i.e. parallel worlds?


The difference between online and offline, or between digital and analogue, has almost completely disappeared. Reality itself could be next.


Do we need more innovation? Do we need less, or slower innovation? Or do we need other kinds of innovation?


The future of marketing and innovation is the reunification of what had been separated into the Parallelwelten of corporate silos.


Digital is ready, it just has to be done. The post-digital world is no longer on its way. It already has arrived.


Every economic activity serves some kind of purpose. Every industry moves up to higher levels after basic needs are covered. The digital industry is now slowly starting to move in this direction.


The people formerly known as consumers are more powerful than ever, but the digital platforms that enable them are more powerful still. Consumers need to exercise their power.


The fourth cycle of personal computation will be dominated by strong platforms that can tie many different devices together with software and services. The winner will be whoever provides the superior user experience.

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