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  • Taking the leap into the digital nomad lifestyle


    The internet should - in theory - free information work from being tied to particular places. Why do we find it hard to let go of geography and enjoy digital freedom?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • The new MacBook: lessons in brutal simplicity and utility


    Apple surprised most people with the launch of the new MacBook - with only a single port. Is this a compelling vision of the wireless future, where computers are just another handy appliance?

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Inspire the NEXT crowd


    Our Call for Participation is now open! For our tenth edition, we are inviting everyone to take an active part in inspiring and connecting the great NEXT crowd. Learn more on how to submit your great idea for NEXT15.

    By Ina Feistritzer

  • What can you learn from the Obama campaign’s culture of testing?


    How did the Obama re-election campaign negotiate the tricky balance between data collection, privacy and testing? Director of Digital Analytics Amelia Showalter explains.

    By Wiebke Ammermann

  • Internet Explorer RIP: the disruptor disrupted


    Microsoft is killing off Internet Explorer, which was once king of the web browser market. How the mighty fall.

    By Adam Tinworth

  • Private Programmatic: the new frontier in online advertising


    Maintaining sovereignty over customer data is vital - as is reaching your target audience. And the solution is Private Programmatic.

    By Wiebke Ammermann

  • The quiet revolution in digital TV


    The Superseding of the Goggle-Box is well underway, as streaming video and YouTube celebrities start to reshape the way we watch video.

    By Adam Tinworth

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Next14 talks

  • Building robocars


    Keynote by Brad Templeton of Singularity University about self-driving cars.

    By Nico Mohrmann

  • The pocket drone


    Demo by Bart Remes of TUDelft.

    By Nico Mohrmann

  • The network always wins


    Keynote by Peter Hinssen, Author.

    By Nico Mohrmann

  • Smartphone zombies


    Talk by Fabian Hemmert of Muthesius Kunsthochschule.

    By Nico Mohrmann

  • Arms race


    Talk by Mikko Hypponen (F-Secure)

    By Nico Mohrmann

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