Call for Start-ups


The goal of NEXT15 is to enable idea generation and execution within our network of marketing professionals, creative minds and entrepreneurs. This year, we will shed a light on disruptive processes that will influence HOW WE WILL LIVE.

Do you yourself have a start-up that might change how we will LIVE, MOVE, WORK, SHOP (and pay), MAKE or PLAY? Please let us know about your start-up idea - no matter in which stage you’re in! We want to welcome you on our NEXT Start-up Stage!

This won’t be a pitch, but once chosen, you will get the opportunity to introduce your idea to an audience of international experts and potential collaborators. You will get a lot of media and VC attention for being chosen. And we will be happy to support you with matchmaking at the conference!

Please submit your idea until August 15 including a short description (max. 500 characters), your pitch deck (max. 15 slides) and an English video. The NEXT community can help push your submission by hitting the “I'm interested” button.

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2) Your Vision

  • chatShopper

    Antonia Ermacora, Founder

    Online shopping is very impersonal, time-consuming, complex and there is an over choice of products. Users are looking for a solution where they can let others do the research and inspire them and they only need to decide and do the payment. Therefore we developed chatShopper: a platform for personal …

    • chat
    • Conversational Commerce
    • mcommerce
    • mobile
    • Shopping
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  • Talentwunder

    Andreas Dittes, CEO

    Talentwunder is Google for recruitment – we leverage big data and social network analysis to help companies find the right talent. We are in a war for talent where passive methods of finding candidates just don't work any more. So we built a search engine that indexed over a billion …

    • active sourcing
    • big data
    • HR
    • Recruiting
    • talent identification
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  • Pricelizer

    Karl Lillrud, CEO

    Our web service RevaLizer enables ecommerce merchants get customers who abandon their carts back by making it possible for consumers that are discouraged by the product prices online to setup automatic price drop alerts, helping them return to their favorite shops when the price is right for them.

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  • Ontourcloud – touring engine for the live-entertainment Industry

    ALEH TSIKHANAU, founder

    Imagine that you are the organizer of private events and you urgently need the Artist for the budget of $10,000. You consider the artist who lives in NY (band 8 people), their fee is $7,000 and the flights alone would cost you additional $8,000. What if The Artist performs next …

    • Artist
    • booking
    • Service
    • touring
    • touring app
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