Call for Start-ups


The goal of NEXT15 is to enable idea generation and execution within our network of marketing professionals, creative minds and entrepreneurs. This year, we will shed a light on disruptive processes that will influence HOW WE WILL LIVE.

Do you yourself have a start-up that might change how we will LIVE, MOVE, WORK, SHOP (and pay), MAKE or PLAY? Please let us know about your start-up idea - no matter in which stage you’re in! We want to welcome you on our NEXT Start-up Stage!

This won’t be a pitch, but once chosen, you will get the opportunity to introduce your idea to an audience of international experts and potential collaborators. You will get a lot of media and VC attention for being chosen. And we will be happy to support you with matchmaking at the conference!

Submission is closed. The NEXT community can help push your submission by hitting the “I'm interested” button until August 30.

  • Tabbt

    Jan Michaelis, CEO & Co-Founder

    We believe in a world where people share their things. And have the right tools to help them do it. Tabbt connects people, moments and wallets. For easier sharing and more caring. Tabbt is the best app to share everyday expenses with your friends – simple, fast and convenient. Keep…

    34 people are interested.

    Dirk Veit, CEO & Founder

    ADDACT is a live music startup that re-invents the way concerts are being planned. ADDACT empowers music fans to decide where their favorite artists tour. Fans pledge for tickets of their favorite artists in their city. If a city gets enough pledges the concert will happen. „Fanpowered Concerts“ is…

    7 people are interested.
  • contensi

    Moataz Elmasry, Software Engineer

    We want to utilize WiFi available almost everywhere today for anyone with no data plan or does not want a contract. Shops and restaurants receive our router,attach it to their existing DSL and by thus share their WiFi with customers. The customers use the same WiFi anywhere in world for…

    • cheap internet
    • network-security
    • vpn
    • WiFi
    3 people are interested.
  • GPredictive

    Björn Goerke, Co-Founder and CEO

    We make sure every marketing dollar is spent efficiently. Most marketing activities are not directed solely at those that will convert due to the marketing activity. We compute the probability of purchase for every individual customer for any given marketing interaction. This way companies can decide on the profitability of…

    • predictive analytics
    • Saas
    2 people are interested.
  • mindflow

    Pascal Riederer, Managing Director

    Meetings are the number one source for inefficient work within corporations. mindflow increases the efficiency of meetings. mindflow supports in-person collaboration with gamified tools for actionable results in consensus: A tablet for each participant for individual input. Live-results for instant decision-making are show via beamer display. The facilitator leads the…

    • Apps
    • collaboration
    • hamburg
    • innovation
    • meetings
    • software
    • Workshops
    45 people are interested.
  • Ginmon

    Lars Reiner, CEO

    We are Ginmon from Germany. Our aim is to empower millions of people to better invest their money. We create a delightful user-experience that makes investing money as easy as pie. By the use of smart technology we put our customers in a fully-managed ETF portfolio within just a few…

    • Asset Management
    • finance
    • fintech
    • Retail
    • Robo-Advisor
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  • Einschlafhelfer

    Patrick Koch, CEO

    Over 20% of all women and men between 18 and 39 years have problems to fall asleep at least once a week due to stress and worries. With Einschlafhelfer they don’t have to any more! The method of Einschlafhelfer applies the simple psychological effect of "cognitive concentration-based self-relaxation". It is…

    • digital health
    • insomnia
    21 people are interested.

    Alexander Wolff, Project Manager/Co-Initiator is a content website especially for people with special needs regarding their diet, such as food allergics, vegans and vegetarians. We are establishing a lifestyle magazine with recipes, tips and tricks for the daily life with food intolerances and a product database with a special filter for every possible…

    • Allergy
    • Allergy Information
    • content
    • food
    • hamburg
    • Magazine
    7 people are interested.
  • Visarity Technologies GmbH

    Harsha Padmanabha, co-founder / CEO

    Our goal is to enable anyone to create amazing 3D experiences on any platform: mobile, PC or VR. With our products we have set out to revolutionize the development of real-time visual content for both graphic designers and programmers alike. Content is the king , new medium such as AR…

    • 3D Content
    • Ads
    • AR
    • Oculus
    • vision
    • VR
    1 people are interested.

    Pascal Ritter, CEO

    The artifical intelligence Expertsystem matches promotional items with the marketing campaign. The customer answers 8 questions about his marketing campaign and dayzzi recommends the matching products. Afterwards the customer gets the offers to his product, which he can compare. Modern recommender platforms like dayzzi will complement or even substitute classical…

    • algorithm
    • B2B
    • E-commerce
    • werbeartikel
    • werbemittel
    2 people are interested.
  • Gerabo

    Daniel Sonnet, CEO

    Our story short: • We are the Payback card/app for all consumers who demand 100% data privacy. • 16,000 users (Cards & Apps) with approx. 70% (11,000) frequent users (August 2016). • Our card/apps can be used at over 40 stationary and over 100 online shops. •…

    • anonymous
    • data privacy
    • retailing
    • reward card
    13 people are interested.
  • eBooks in Motion

    Michael Fisher, Founder / CEO

    Automated patent pending technology produces multilingual, multimedia e-publications in the matter of minutes – that can be consumed on smartphones and tablets with or without an Internet connection. Read anywhere at anytime.

    • automation
    • digital
    • Global
    • multilingual
    • multimedia
    • Saas
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  • Sponsoo – the Robin Hood of Sports Marketing

    Andreas Kitzing, Founder & CEO

    Why do corporates continue to throw sponsorship money at organizations like the FIFA or the IOC, while small teams and athletes struggle to survive? We want to change that. Sponsoo is an award-winning* online marketplace for sport sponsorship that helps sports people of any league or sport to find sponsors.

    • marketing
    • Sponsorship
    • Sport
    4 people are interested.
  • Lunchio

    Dennis Ortmann, CEO | Founder

    Wouldn’t it be cool to enter a restaurant, sit down and moments later the ordered food gets served? Wouldn’t it be cool to never ever wait for the table and the food again? And wouldn’t it be cool to just stand up after the lunch and leave, without having to…

    • food tech
    • hospitality
    • online payment
    • Payment
    • POS Software
    • pre-order
    • Process optimization
    • Saas
    15 people are interested.
  • Breeze

    Robert Heinecke, Co-Founder & CEO

    Breeze develops and deploys environmental sensor networks. From their data we generate actionable insights about our buildings and communities. Together with scientific and economic partners we then apply those insights to improve human health and productivity.

    • air quality
    • cleantech
    • Environment
    • iot
    • saving the world
    • sensors
    • smart city
    • smart office
    20 people are interested.
  • Swanest

    Silvan Schumacher, Co-Founder and CEO

    Swanest is eager to put back the people at the heart of financial services. Imagine you would like to invest into the stock market; bankers are sellers, investment advisors expensive and brokerage services complex. This is why we build Swanest: the next generation online broker whose technology empowers self-directed individuals…

    • finance
    • fintech
    • Intelligent Online Broker
    • Investing
    85 people are interested.

    Jonathan Mall, Founder & CEO

    The smartest referral widget – The referral widget integrates on you website and helps to create new customers by incentivizing existing customers to recommend your business. Recommendation Incentives are automatically optimized by an artificial intelligence and we automate the whole referral process, from tracking to payments.

    • AdTech
    • big data
    • brand ambassadors
    • Psychology
    • Referral marketing
    • Referral Program
    • Saas
    • Sharing
    2 people are interested.
  • Clipgap

    Ognjen Mihajlovic, Co-Founder | Digital Products Designer

    Today it’s almost impossible to find a person that doesn’t own laptop and smartphone.When we want to copy some text,link,image or file from one device to another we are forced to use self-addresed emails, cloud uploads/downloads,cables etc. Imagine that you can easily copy some text,link or image on your…

    • application
    • copying files
    • Service
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  • Mission Control

    Stefan Kellner, Founder

    Although self service solutions as meta searchers, booking engines and smartphone apps have enabled travellers to achieve a lot of tasks themselves, travel planning and booking as become a big time waster. Mission Control brings back the skilled travel assistant, so travellers can offload complex tasks and enjoy travelling again.

    • travel concierge
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  • chatShopper

    Antonia Ermacora, Co-Founder

    Online shopping is very impersonal, time-consuming, complex and there is an over choice of products. Therefore we developed chatShopper: a platform for personal advice, inspiration and online shopping. It is time-saving, always available via popular messengers & social media. We connect users with experts ("the crowd") for competent shopping advice…

    • chat
    • Conversational Commerce
    • crowdsourcing
    • eCommerce
    • mcommerce
    • mobile
    • Platform
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  • Talentwunder

    Andreas Dittes, CEO

    Talentwunder is Google for recruitment – we leverage big data and social network analysis to help companies find the right talent. We are in a war for talent where passive methods of finding candidates just don't work any more. So we built a search engine that indexed over a billion…

    • active sourcing
    • big data
    • HR
    • Recruiting
    • talent identification
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  • Pricelizer

    Karl Lillrud, CEO

    Our web service RevaLizer enables ecommerce merchants get customers who abandon their carts back by making it possible for consumers that are discouraged by the product prices online to setup automatic price drop alerts, helping them return to their favorite shops when the price is right for them.

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  • Ontourcloud – touring engine for the live-entertainment Industry

    ALEH TSIKHANAU, founder

    Imagine that you are the organizer of private events and you urgently need the Artist for the budget of $10,000. You consider the artist who lives in NY (band 8 people), their fee is $7,000 and the flights alone would cost you additional $8,000. What if The Artist performs next…

    • Artist
    • booking
    • Service
    • touring
    • touring app
    9 people are interested.