10 Reasons to Attend NEXT14

By Martin Recke

NEXT Berlin is truly at the intersection of technology, business and the creative industry. Have a look at 180+ speakers, and the full schedule on the website.

Why attend NEXT Berlin 2014? Here are 10 excellent reasons:

  1. Get your survival guide for The New Normal - where digital leads to the next level.
  2. Exchange ideas with great minds like Cory Doctorow, Brad Templeton or Morten Lund.
  3. Get your hands on the latest products and prototypes, e.g. test Oculus Rift in a spectacular virtual skydive.
  4. Meet CEOs, CMOs and CDOs to exchange thoughts and ideas, rub shoulders with international entrepreneurs and investors.
  5. Get together with potential collaborators, investors and clients, and transform the way we live our lives with your ideas.
  6. Introduce your solutions to an expert crowd of business and marketing leaders from Germany and beyond.
  7. NEXT14 kicks off with a bunch of excellent workshops, introducing you to your fellow attendees, and thus facilitating your networking experience.
  8. Engage with digital enthusiasts in a relaxed atmosphere.
  9. Be part of Berlin Web Week where 10,000 digital forethinkers mix and mingle in Germany’s vibrant capital.
  10. Dance with us at the NEXT Party on Monday, May 5, and join the crowd at the Web Week Night on Tuesday, May 6.