The top 5 videos of NEXT15

Nearly four months after NEXT15 - which videos captured people's imaginations? Here are the top five, based on traffic

Purely based on traffic on the NEXT site, these were the most watched videos from NEXT15. An interesting cross-section of the themes we explored back in September, which is encouraging. If you’ve missed any of them – now’s the time to catch up:

1. How Will We Live?

Anab’s superb opening keynote was a powerful and personal context-setter for the event. Her challenge to the audience – and to herself – was triggered by the death of a respected and beloved professor, and led to some deep introspection on what we’re doing with tech.

2. The Future Of Business Is Romantic

Tim Leberecht’s challenging approach to business – through romance – drew on the ideas of the original Romantic movement of a few centuries back to push back against a completely data-mediated view of the world. A timely plea for balance.

3. Perform Or Perish: Key Consumer Trends Reshaping Digital In 2016 And Beyond!

David Martin of TrendWatching gave us some powerful context for the digital transformation. The core of his talk was the tension that arises when technological-driven changes come into conflict with fundamental human nature – and the opportunities that arise form that conflict. Essential viewing for anyone trying to build digital products.

Oh, and this is actually the #1 video on YouTube views (the videos here on the site use a different hosting method).

4. The Extra Hour – How Piloted Driving Transforms Behaviour And Business

Nils Wollny of Audi gave us some deep insight into the potential for life transformation that self-driving cars will bring. We probably won’t see widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles until 2030 – but the transition phase will offer us all sorts of interesting opportunities that we should explore.

5. Exponential Organisations – the New Normal

Yuri van Geest of the Singularity University explored the exponential organisation – companies that hit the billion dollar mark within months or years. These are the “unicorns” – the startups that become transformative businesses central to our concept of business. And we need to understand them.