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How can we renew the digital world? The official compendium of the NEXT18 main topic ‘Digital Fix – Fix Digital’ shares constructive views and possible solutions for the digital world in which we live today. Learn more about the book’s topics, contributors and editors below.

Discussing digital issues...

Are the promises of salvation made by digital technologies threatening to turn into the opposite? How can the various issues our societies face these days as a result of the negative effects of the digital revolution be resolved?

Strategists, designers, engineers, researchers, journalists, philosophers, practitioners, entrepreneurs and artists present various solutions in this book.

...with the NEXT people.

Edited by Matthias Schrader and Volker Martens, the organisers of the NEXT Conference in Hamburg, the ‘Digital Fix – Fix Digital’ book is available in English (ebook only) and German, wherever books are sold. For example:

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