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  • NEXT Berlin in 62 seconds


    We show you in 62 seconds what NEXT Berlin is all about.

  • Harper Reed’s ideas of the modern use of data


    As a CTO of Barack Obama's re-election campaign Harper Reed is an expert for Big Data. And in his opinion Germany has to open his mind in their use of data.

    By Nico Mohrmann

  • The fascination of robots for everyone


    A customer-friendly and individualized future is what Limor Schweitzer has in mind. As an expert for 3D printing he explains the advantages of this technology and its impact on the way we produce and consume.

    By Nico Mohrmann

  • Harper Reed on Big Data & Big Answers


    For the first time in Berlin, Harper Reed gave a talk at NEXT13 on April 23, 2013 on how he succeeded as Obama’s CTO and on the three things that make up a good product: build a great team, practice failure and microlistening.

  • Bruce Sterling on Fantasy prototypes and real disruption


    In the closing keynote of NEXT Berlin 2013, acclaimed science-fiction author and journalist Bruce Sterling tackled a variety of topics like design fiction, start-up culture, and the mass adoption of disruptive technology. He sees science fiction as a form of design - design fiction that is part of the start-up world.

  • Robert Scoble shows his Google Glasses live at NEXT13


    It was the first time that Google Glass has been shown in Europe: Robert Scoble wore his newest gadget when he came on stage at NEXT Berlin 2013. And then true NEXT moment happened when he let Bruce Sterling try out Google Glasses.

  • The Computational Knowledge Revolution


    Stephen Wolfram shared his knowledge with the audience of NEXT13. Watch his fascinating speech!

  • The Nature of the Future: The Socialstructed World


    Marina Gorbis, Executive Director of the Institute for the Future (iftf.org) discussed the evolution of communication and its consequences at NEXT13.

  • The Nature of the Future: The Socialstructed World


    Marina Gorbis, Executive Director of the Institute for the Future (IFTF) discussed the evolution of communication and its consequences at NEXT13. She analyzed the perks and challenges of the new relationship-driven or “socialstructed” economy, stating that “humans and technology will team up”. Her new book ‘The Nature of the Future: Dispatches from the Socialstructed World’ was published in early 2013.

  • Design for the New Normal


    Watch Anab Jain's talk "Design for the New Normal" at NEXT13.

  • The age of computer vision


    Gesche Joost, Head of Design Research Lab, was announced to be part of chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück's expertise team this week. At NEXT13 Joost and her colleagues Tom Bieling and Fabian Hemmert explained their newest innovations to the audience.

  • 3D printable social robots


    Watch the video of the fascinating demo & talk by Limor Schweitzer, Head of Robosavvy. He also brought Fonzie, the dancing robot to NEXT13.

  • 3D printable social robots


    “Affordable 3D printers, supercomputers at the price of lunch, royalty free 3D models, free software and crowdfunding - this is the new playground for creativity.” - The Head of Robosavvy Limor Schweitzer demonstrated his dancing robot ‘Fonzie’ live at NEXT13!

  • Making Makies: the world’s first CE-certified 3D printed Toy


    Learn more about what Alice Taylor and her team at Makielab have done so far, and what their plans are for the Toys from the Future!

  • Service Design Panel


    Four savvy service design experts discuss the latest trends and developments in the business and the importance of service design for the success of brands and companies. Watch the inspiring talk and see why you should focus on the topic.

  • NEXT 100


    At NEXT13 two of the 100 top influencers of the digital industry favoured the NEXT audience with exciting ignite talks - Jan Beckers, founder of HitFox and Jess Erickson, founder of the Berlin Geekettes, share their entrepreneurial experiences with you!

  • LED-Lightshow by PIPS:lab


    The Amsterdam-based media art project 'PIPS:lab' works at the intersection of media, comedy, music, theatre and film. Key element of their installations and acts is the interaction with their audience - so be surprised and enjoy the show!

  • Interview with Harper Reed


    Hermione Way interviews Harper Reed, former CTO of the Obama Campaign, at NEXT13

  • Dive. Stretch. Jump. Service design exercise for improvement and innovation


    "Three basic exercises: DIVE - In order to learn about the system. STRETCH - Go beyond the Given. JUMP - Make it real, test it, bring it to the world"

  • Founding a company in a lame industry


    Watch the talk of payleven Founder & CMO Konstantin Wolff at NEXT13 and see, what makes payleven attractive to merchants.

  • Service Design In(no)vasion


    Alexander Baumgardt, Educator & Management Consultant, California College of the Arts, appeals the audience at NEXT13 to “go out and cross-pollinate with academic practices” because they can provide amazing insights. Watch his ignite talk synthesizing the impact of Service Design on science, strategy and practice.  …

  • Allianz oneWeb – A venture towards a global interaction platform


    “You need operational excellence! You need a legacy behind to serve and satisfy customer needs!” - Arne Benzin, Head of Digital Interaction & Analytics at Allianz at NEXT13.

  • TEAM: Search, build, cultivate


    "We all know that the key factor behind a successful startup is the right team.” - Matt Cooper of oDesk explained at NEXT13 how you can find your perfect team, how to grow it and how to make them stay.

  • LineMetrics – The Start-up Pitch winner!


    LineMetrics is the winner of this years NEXT13 start-up competition! The Austrian team impressed the jury with their idea that enables industrial companies to monitor individual machines or entire production lines, in real time. This leads to an increase in production efficiency and a reduction in machine failures.